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Befragung zu (Allein-)Unfällen mit Spezialrädern präsentiert - Recumbents- Trikes and Velomobiles - An analysis of (single-)vehicle crashes

Zu Beginn des Jahres hat der HPV Deutschland unter den Nutzerinnen und Nutzern von Spezialrädern eine Umfrage zu ihren Alleinunfällen und Unfällen mit Beteiligung Dritter durchgeführt. Die Studie wurde am 16. September 2015 im Rahmen der 4. Konferenz "International Cycling and Safety Conference" (ICSC) ( in Hannover an der Medizinischen Hochschule vorgetragen. (Die Studie als Volltext.)

For riders of recumbent bikes, trikes and velomobiles questions of safety on infrastructure planning is of importance due to travelled kilometres per year. On average 7,100km/year were ridden by these cyclis ts with the above mentioned bikes. Velomobile riders have crashes inside and outside cities whereas trike and recumbent bike riders suffer from crashes mostly inside cities . In general all riders of special bikes had difficulties with infrastructure i.e. slippery surfaces, curbs and in specific with roundabouts, intersections and cycle paths. The presented two months online survey intends to carry out (single-vehicle) crashes and causes with special bikes on different types of bicycle lanes and roads including further additional crash indicators as involvement of third persons, time of the day and last but not least human behaviour. Considering the fact that one third of all riders cover distances of more than 5,000 km per year (especially velomobile riders with 54.1%) with increasing speed physical damage decreased. So far, roundabout 160 participants have answered the questionnaire.